1 Enquire

  • Contact the Warehouse Exchange team.
  • To find your perfect match, we need to know the location, number of pallets, commodity, storage configuration, storage term and start date.
  • Get pricing on warehousing to suit your needs within 48 hours.

2 Book Space

  • Arrange a site tour at your selected location.
  • Confirm the start and end dates.
  • Book the number of pallets you need to store.
  • Warehouse Exchange confirms the booking.
  • Set up your account with us.

3 Transfer Stock

  • We will arrange a transfer plan for containers/trucks to be delivered to the warehouse.
  • Each pallet will be assigned a unique pallet ID.
  • New inventory will be visible on our platform once it is put into storage.

4 Manage

  • You pay W-E for storage and handling services.
  • Book online for pallets to be shipped from the warehouse to your delivery points, as required.
  • Track inventory on our cloud-based system.
  • Warehouse Exchange manages the process from start to finish.