We have prepared some common questions below on our find space services.

The warehouse-exchange team will be able to advise you on specific information for each listing.

warehouse exchange connects warehouses with excess space, to those looking for additional space to store inventory.

this includes managing all transfers in and out of each warehouse, billing, account management and any other operational requirements.

we charge by the pallet space, in either a racked or bulk stack format. with a minimum 4 week charge applicable for any pallets in storage.

we have a beta system that manages the front end ordering.

we label each pallet with a unique label, that matches to the product line (sku) and description on our system.

for a demo or more information please contact the warehouse-exchange team.

these charges are determined by the volumes and work required.

once you sign up, we can discuss your needs and provide the best rates for you.

standard rates apply for:

20ft container - loose carton hand unload

40ft container - loose carton hand unload

20ft container - palletised unload

40ft container - palletised unload

handling in to the warehouse - charged per pallet

admin charge per outbound order

handling out of the warehouse - charged per pallet

we can also provide pricing for any consumables or additional work required.

such things like:

-plain pallets

-shrink wrap of pallets

-labeling of pallets

-rework or sorting required

this varies by facility, the warehouse exchange team will be able to guide you on the exact hours/days for each listing.

generally our listings are open Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in Australia).

receiving and dispatch hours between 8am and 3pm during those days.


a rack-able pallet is a pallet that can fit into racking.standard measurements are 1.20m in width, 1.20m in length, 1.20m in height.

the pallet is an Australian standard, that can interlock into racking.

such as a chep or loscam pallet.

average pallet weights for racked inventory is 500kg to 750kg. 

a double stack pallet is Inventory that can be stacked on the warehouse floor two high.


standard measurements are 1.20m in width, 1.20m in length, 1.40m in height.

average pallet weights for double stack pallet is 750kg to 1000kg.


note – varies by listing, please contact the warehouse-exchange team for specific information.

 if your pallets are different sizes, we can customise the best price for your storage.

we have stored many oversized pallets for a range of companies, including large crates of truck cabs!


for handling product inbound-

we allow 48 hours between work days to receive inventory.

for handling product outbound-

we have a 2pm cut off to process orders next business day.


we receive an order at 12.30pm on Tuesday,

we will pick the pallets, ready to handle out in the PM on Wednesday.

we charge for storage per week, Monday through to Sunday.

our billing cycle is weekly.


we charge a minimum of 4 weeks for every pallet handled into each warehouse.


week 1                 handle in 100 pallets, storage charge 100 pallets

week 2                 no transfer, storage charge 100 pallets

week 3                 no transfer, storage charge 100 pallets

week 4                 transfer out 10 pallets, storage charge 100 pallets

no, we do not insure your inventory.

as the product owner you are responsible for maintaining your own insurance.

this varies between facilities,

most common security set ups are:

-back to base alarm systems

-cctv cameras

-reed switches on entry points

-bollards in front of roller doors

-after hour patrols

-gated after hours

-restricted visitor access

we can discuss your security needs and work out the best set up for your project.

since 2009, we have been trusted to store millions of dollars of inventory for our clients.

all inventory needs to arrive on pallets, shrink wrapped and labelled with a warehouse-exchange (wex) label.

any pallets not labelled, will be labelled with a wex label. charges may apply.

this ensures accurate tracking in and out of each facility.

shrink wrap is the plastic film that secures cartons to pallets.

we shrink wrap all pallets going into storage to ensure security.

the warehouse-exchange label is a  unique label that identifies what product line (sku) is on each pallet.

in most cases we store 1 product line (sku) per pallet, but can also store mixed sku pallets too.