distribution services

the key focus for any distribution network is to achieve-

  • the right product

  • in the right quantity

  • in the right condition

  • at the right place

  • at the right time

  • for the right customer

  • at the right price

there are many distribution operations factors that impinge on the success of customer service.

planning where product is to be stored and how it will be delivered is also a key consideration.

w-e are experienced in managing the provision of distribution related services that deliver:

  • reduction in operating costs

  • improved speed to market

  • increased sku availability, lower inventory levels

  • ability to provide flexible services

our goal is to distribute your goods in a better, faster way.

we specialise in tailored distribution services, that help our customers grow their businesses.

success factors we measure include order cut offs, reliability of deliveries, stock on shelf management, replenishment vs sell in, difot measurement, backorder replenishment and inventory visibility.

also transport delivery type, service, cost and measurement of both proof of delivery (pod) capture and provision of signed pods are key service management considerations.

our distribution management services include:

  • online inventory visibility
  • inventory management
  • online order tracking
  • container unloading
  • storage
  • pick pack
  • kitting
  • transport