Cross dock

Store and distribute inventory to your customers from different locations all over Australia.

The warehouse exchange managed cross dock service, gives you one central point of control - to streamline how your product is handled into stores.

Our team have worked on many cross dock projects for leading retailers and know what it takes to make sure it is successful.

We work with your logistics team on planning, managing and executing each project.

Using our warehouse partners, we can provide your business with storage and distribution operations near key inbound ports.

We have access to 1000's of pallet spaces across Australia and can offer competitive rates for multiple locations.

No project is too big.

Our cross dock services include:

  • Wharf cartage
  • Container receipt
  • Container unpack - handling palletised, loose or slip sheet
  • Shrink wrap, label and prepare for delivery
  • Storage - bulk stacked or racked pallets
  • Distribution into major retail channels or independents

Leading companies in the retail industry have been using cross docking for more than 20 years. with the advancement in Warehouse Management Systems many companies have adopted this method of distribution to reduce lead-times and reduce costs.

Cross docking allows goods to be continuously delivered to warehouses from where they are dispatched, to stores without ever sitting in inventory.

Contact our team for a discussion on your next cross docking project.

Our cross dock management services include:

  • Online inventory visibility
  • Inventory management
  • Online order tracking
  • Container receipt
  • Container unloading
  • Storage
  • Value add packaging
  • Distribution