Warehouse-exchange offers services for a range of industries.

Our experience in various projects over 30 years in warehousing and distribution means we can deliver you effective industry solutions.

  • FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods)
  • Retail / Ecommerce
  • Industrial + Automotive
  • Health + Pharmacy
  • Food + Beverage
  • Paper + Packaging
  • Solar + Technology

The nature of demand and supply often leads to an inequity between space required and space available. if market conditions slow, then suppliers can be left with excess stock. if market conditions grow, suppliers may need excess space to cope with demands. even the best laid plans using sophisticated tools can lead to an over or under supply of warehousing space.

We understand inventory management and have built our business around offering flexible on demand storage services.

Managing offsite storage locations can be expensive to control, due to the duplication requirements for systems, labour and equipment.

Using other businesses capacity and our online systems can provide your business with multiple sites. effectively managing high volume inventory transfers.

Reducing associated risks and investments required for leasing your own facility.


  • Flexible warehouse space
  • Cross dock into store
  • Asia inventory consolidation