cross dock for seasonal sales


does your business have seasonal sale swings?

do you want to store and distribute products closer to your customers?

what if you could access storage and distribution services in every state of Australia and pay only when you need it..

welcome to cross docking.

large retailers have been using cross dock for years, to handle their inventory into Australia,

cross dock is the unloading of shipping containers, short term storage and distribution to your customers.

instead of processing all your inventory through one distribution centre, you process it through many.

the logic behind it is-

the cost to ship a container to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane is roughly the same.

the cost for interstate linehaul between these locations is expensive.

if you have the sales volume to send full container loads into different ports, cross docking will save you money on interstate transport and improve your leadtimes.

these services are at a variable cost. switch on and off as you require.

warehouse-exchange has managed many cross docking projects for leading companies.

we understand how to successfully deliver a project from start to finish.

using our network of warehouse partners from our marketplace, we can offer you more options to store and distribute your products.

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